epi becomes part of IP5 industry

17 July 2023

IP5 logoThe European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Patent Institute (epi) are pleased to announce the inclusion of epi as part of the European delegation to the IP5 Industry, alongside BusinessEurope. This collaboration comes as both organisations celebrate the 50th anniversary of the European Patent Convention (EPC) this year.

The decision to strengthen the European presence marks a significant stride towards fostering a more inclusive and diverse innovation ecosystem. By embracing a wider array of perspectives and viewpoints, the EPO and epi are dedicated to enriching dialogue and serving the best interests of the European patent system. This collaboration will facilitate the advancement of European users’ interests within the IP5 framework.

The EPO and epi look forward to the positive outcomes that this enhanced collaboration will bring, as they continue their joint efforts to support innovation and drive progress within the European patent system.

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