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EPO and EIB to conduct a study on clean and sustainable technologies

26 April 2023

Survey clean technologies 
This spring and summer, the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) are conducting a study of companies in Europe and the United States. Linked to this study, a survey, conducted on behalf of the EPO, will focus on clean and sustainable technologies to understand how companies commercialise their products and services and create economic value.

Public and private companies will be randomly selected from recent European and US applicants to the EPO for patents related to clean and sustainable technologies. The survey will explore their growth, business and investment strategies, the role of patent protection and financing and what obstacles may hold back innovation. The EPO and the EIB will analyse the survey results and thereafter publish a joint study, providing important insights into the needs and constraints that arise when commercialising clean and sustainable technologies, and offering a basis for informed and evidence-based policy-making.

The EPO has commissioned BERENT Deutschland GmbH, an international research agency, to conduct the survey.

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