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EPO – MyEPO Portfolio – completion of second pilot phase and a step closer towards a fully digitalised patent grant procedure

3 July 2023


With the launch of MyEPO Portfolio in June 2022, the European
Patent Office (EPO) laid the foundations for a modern and secure online patent
granting procedure (PGP). The platform does not simply translate the paper-based
procedure into a paperless process but takes advantage of new digital technologies
to establish a more interactive and user-friendly dialogue. Since its launch, we
have continually added new features and services to MyEPO Portfolio, and two
thirds of our online users already benefit from improved access to their

Today, we are announcing
the completion of the second pilot and the release of pilot features to all
users. This latest release includes new features and services that provide
easier information exchange, simplified workflows, and more direct interaction
with the EPO.  

These have been
trialled and developed in close collaboration with a pilot group of around 135 companies
from our user community. We would like to thank these users for their time, effort
and input. Your feedback has taken us a step closer to a fully digital PGP.

The following features and services are now available
to all users:

1. Interacting
with examiners through a shared area

  • You now
    have a personal shared area where you can upload, review, edit and annotate
    documents together with examiners during a live consultation. This new feature
    adds real-time interaction to our online services, greatly increasing quality,
    transparency as well as efficiency.

2. Enhanced

  • You can use secure two-factor verification (2FA) methods to access
    MyEPO Portfolio, Central Fee Payment and Online Filing 2.0. You no longer need a physical smart card to
    access our services.
  • Smart
    card access will be available until the end of 2024, enabling a smooth
    transition before card decommissioning begins in January 2025.

3. New

  • If you are representing an
    opponent, your opposition cases are available in your portfolio view.
  • Paralegals and other IP support
    staff can send submissions, duly signed by a representative, and make payments
    using their deposit account.
  • You may reply to the extended
    European search report.
  • You may also reply to an invitation
    about subject-matter for search.
  • These reply options join features
    already implemented, namely the functionality to reply to a communication about
    the intention to grant the European patent and reply to a communication under
    Article 94(3) EPC.

4. Improved
communication during the PCT international phase

  • MyEPO Portfolio opens the door for international
    agents and non-European applicants to benefit from our online services for the
    first time, by receiving electronic PCT communications from the EPO acting as
    (S)ISA or IPEA in the international phase.

5. Integration
with IP management systems

  • The first in a series of technical business-to-business
    interfaces (APIs) has been released, designed to automate the exchange of data
    between your IP management system and MyEPO. With this first API, you can download
    communications we have sent to your EPO Mailbox.

6. Contingency
upload service

  • Our new contingency upload service will enable you to submit your
    urgent documents electronically should online filing be unavailable.

New MyEPO area on the
EPO website

In parallel, we have made improvements to the MyEPO
Services area on our website. A review revealed the need to enhance user
experience by providing relevant information in a quick and user-friendly
manner. By keeping the information on the MyEPO Portfolio, Online Filing 2.0
and Central Payment fees applications in separated sections, we ensure that
users can easily access the necessary details related to these services.

The site now also includes dedicated sections for
training, release notes, the latest updates and contact details. This gives
users access to up-to-date and comprehensive information, while making it easy to
request assistance if needed.

you have feedback you wish to share with us?

Send your feedback by writing
to our user services.

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