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New dashboard reveals demand for Unitary Patents

24 July 2023

Screenshot of the new Unitary Patent dashboard

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Following the launch of the Unitary Patent system on 1 June
2023, the European Patent Office (EPO) today has published a dashboard that
reveals the leading sources of requests for unitary effect, as well as in which
of eight broad technology sectors these patents are classified. The dashboard
is fed with daily updates from the EPO’s own internal workflow, giving an
immediate overview of applicants’ eagerness to opt for Unitary Patents.

“This dashboard will create transparency through relevant
information on how the take-up of the Unitary Patent is evolving”, said EPO
President António Campinos. “It covers relevant parameters for users to gain a
comprehensive overview of the attractiveness of the Unitary Patent to
innovating businesses from around the globe.”

The new patent is met with an encouraging demand, with an
average of 670 requests every week since 1 June. Growing numbers of patent owners
are requesting unitary effect for their recently granted European patents,
seeking to benefit from greater country coverage (17 participating states so
far) and lower cost overheads, as well as less administration thanks to a
single entry in the European Patent Register and a business-friendly single annual
renewal fee payable to the EPO.

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