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22 June 2023

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As of today, users can access a refreshed version of the database of decisions from the Boards of Appeal. The update is both visual and technical: we have changed the underlying search engine and upgraded the way we present search results. 

RSS feeds 

To make this transition as smooth as possible, the update may require some action on your part. If you have been using RSS feeds to keep abreast of new decisions matching your search criteria, you will have to set them up again, as there is unfortunately no way to transfer the feeds from the old service.

However, we must want you that the URL for the feeds will change again in the coming months, and you will have to set them up again after they move to the final URL. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Rebuilding our website step-by-step

Today’s change is part of a broader effort to modernise the EPO website and optimise access for all devices and screen sizes. This initiative started in 2021 with the launch of the Statistics and Trends Centre and a pilot online version of the European Patent Convention. We also began to modernise and improve the EPO’s online contact forms.

This March all legal texts became available on the new site, followed by the press centre and European Inventor Award sections in April. Over the coming weeks and months, further information and services will be added until the new website eventually replaces the current one.

Your feedback is crucial 

In redeveloping our site, we take into account user feedback gathered in regular online surveys, from focus groups and user representatives, as well as via our customer services and user tests on early versions of the site.

If you have any comments on this current release, please submit them using our feedback form below and help us to continue to improve our website.

Further information 


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